We can meet all your cutting needs with our flame, plasma and laser cutting equipment, from a one-off (project item) to 10,000 off.

Our 4Kw Trumpf Laser and Flame Cutting Multi-head profiling machines, offer a cost-effective solution to every profiling problem, often eliminating the need for a second machining operation – thus saving both time and money.

Alken for a complete engineering solution:

• Two oxy-fuel cutting machines specializing in speed of turnaround and enabling break down services 24 hours a day
• Profiling range 1mm up to 200mm plate
• Laser capacity 20mm mild steel, 10mm stainless steel and 6mm aluminium
• Wood, plastic and fabric cutting service available
• Lumsden Grinder – 1m diameter capacity


• Laser cut mild steel up to 12.5mm
• Laser cut stainless steel up to 4mm
• Flame cut up to 160mm
• Wide range of finished products from machining blanks to shim sets
• Surface grinding facility
• Trumpf 4KW laser bed size 1.25m x 2.5m
• CNC profile burners 5000 x 2500


• 1st off, intermediate and final inspection procedure
• Suppliers to utilities, aerospace andnuclear industries
• In-house continual training programme
• Lean manufacturing practice