We offer conventional turning and are one of just a handful of engineering companies in the UK.

That has large diameter turning capabilities and can turn over 11m between centres.The long bed lathe is specifically for manufacturing longer than average components, for example, as used in the oilfield industry, for drive shafts and mixer shafts, railway axles and pipes up to 35 feet long.

Available as a one-off or multiple-batch order, our long lathe and large diameter turning capacity may also be part of an end-to-end customer project.

Alken for a complete engineering solution:

Binns & Berry Trident centre lathe with a 1 metre swing over gap,11.5 metres between centres
DSG type 36 & 48 centre lathes
Ward, 10, 7 and 5 turret lathes
Webster Bennett 48” vertical borer